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VanLumen Architectural Lighting

VanLumen Architectural Lighting

PO BOX 4545
Washington 98061-0454

t: 206 . 321 . 5533
f: 206 . 842 . 2917


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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Sales Terms

  1. All orders are prepay. We accept only MasterCard and Visa unless other options are agreed upon in advance of shipping.
  2. Credit is available to stocking dealers with credit approval.
  3. All Prices are subject to change and all quotes are valid for only 60 days.
  4. All orders are FOB from the manufacturer’s warehouse.
  5. Minimum freight charge is $14.50
  6. Some large items may require common carrier freight. Please ask for a freight quote.
  7. All products are under warranty for one (1) year from receipt of goods.
  8. Warranty is only valid if a licensed electrician handled all wiring and installation.
  9. Warranty and product liability is invalid if invoices for items go unpaid.
  10. All products are the property of VanLumen Architectural Lighting, Inc. until invoice for products is paid in full.

Return Policy

  1. NO installed fixture may be returned under ANY circumstances.
  2. NO custom or customized fixtures are returnable under ANY circumstances.
  3. Deposits are required on custom or customized products. Deposits are non-refundable.
  4. Customers have 3 days from receipt of goods to report any freight damages.
  5. All return requests must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods.
  6. Restocking charges on returns, unless otherwise noted, are 50% of the price paid.
  7. No RGA (Return Goods Authorization) will be issued until the original invoice has been paid.
  8. All returned merchandise must be in its original box and original packaging.
  9. Returned merchandise is the responsibility of the client. Any damage incurred during the return process will be the sole responsibility of the client, and the client shall file any claims with the shipping agent.
  10. All credits will be determined after inspection of the returned merchandise.
  11. Returned goods are subject to inspection.
  12. All product liability is limited to the lighting products themselves. Under no circumstances is VanLumen responsible for electrician, construction, installation, removal or any other labor charges.
  13. Modified products are NOT RETURNABLE except in the case of factory defect.
  14. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall the client take a credit without a valid RGA and credit invoice issued by VanLumen Architectural Lighting, Inc.

Contact us

Tel 206.321.5533
fax 206.842.2917

PO Box 4545
Rollingbay, WA. 98061-0454




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